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On April 5, 2017, associates from Life Care Center of Stoneham, Massachusetts, took part in a dodgeball tournament fundraiser for the Boys & Girls Club of Stoneham.


This was the second year the club has held the event and the first time Life Care Center of Stoneham has participated. The tournament took place at the Boys & Girls Club and included more than 30 teams. Each team was matched with an equal level team. For example, police teams were matched with firefighter teams and fitness gyms were matched with other gyms.


Life Care Center of Stoneham was matched with a local tech company. Each match consisted of five rounds, with the best of five wining a trophy. An MVP was selected from each team.


“We did not win the round, but we had a lot of fun playing,” said Jeffrey Ekberg, executive director, who was one of the team members. “Our MVP was our clinical liaison’s son Chris, our ringer. Chris is in the military and happened to be home on leave. He received a special recognition for his service.”


“The dodgeball competition allowed us to support the kids in the community and also improve our working relationship as a team,” added Kelly Frisaura, MDS coordinator.


Even the inexperienced had a good time.


“I didn’t know what dodgeball was before,” said Marie Dumas, fellow MDS coordinator. “I can’t wait to play next year.”


The facility raised just over $500 toward the event. The tournament raised around $40,000. All the proceeds go to club activities, building upgrades and other items for the children.


Life Care Center of Stoneham has supported the Boys & Girls Club for a year and provides a dinner each month for between 50 and 60 children. It also sponsors their weekly bingo for the community, participates in numerous events over the year and sponsors children in need at Christmas time.


The facility became involved with the club through the local chamber of commerce and through personal ties through Ekberg.


“My dad grew up very impoverished in Worcester, Massachusetts,” Ekberg explained. “He was very active in the Boys Club. He gives much credit to them for who he is today. I also grew up involved with the Worcester Boys Club. I make every attempt to get involved with them locally when the opportunity arises. I have also been approached by them to be on their board of directors this coming fall.”


“Spending time each month with these kids is great,” said Richard Nichols, food services director. “Coming together outside of work for this dodgeball event was a blast.”

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